Our purpose: In the Automotive & Transportation Sector, we’re doing our part to enhance human mobility. We’re helping to get people and products where they need to go — better, faster and smarter — in a rapidly changing environment.

Our differentiators: Through our global sector network, we connect more than 13,000 professionals with deep industry and technical experience. They understand what the trends of the future mean for organizations now, and they have a strong point of view on the emerging issues across automotive and transportation.

Our results: We work with our clients to deliver innovative — yet pragmatic — solutions to address their imperatives and deliver tangible business value around the disruptive trends and transformational challenges shaping tomorrow’s industry, today.

Our position in the market

We have more than 13,000 professionals serving automotive and transportation companies across the globe, and they have carefully cultivated thousands of relationships throughout the sector. This gives us an extraordinary network of resources to share with you. Putting you in touch with the right people is just one of the ways we help you to move ahead.