Private Equity

How we can help private equity funds and your portfolio companies

We can help you make better-informed investment decisions, improve portfolio company performance and increase realized value. For the last 20 years, we have helped funds decide strategic direction for the business, improve operations and originate deals, conduct diligence on potential investments, create value in portfolio companies and decide on the right exit strategy.

We also work directly with portfolio companies. We have helped the dynamic and ambitious companies grow into market leaders. And we have strong c-suite relationships across sectors that help promote deal flow for all parties.

PE priority We can help clients:

Your investments

Deal origination Consider attractive sectors and themes and provide perspectives on deal opportunities

  • Sectors – Understand niche and hard-to-define businesses, and hidden opportunities in out-of-favor sectors, as well as traditional business models
  • Emerging markets – Understand trends, challenges and opportunities across Africa, China, India and Latin America
Diligence Conduct commercial, operational, IT, human capital and cyber diligence, as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) diligence, in addition to the traditional financial, operational and tax diligence.
Value creation Investment inception – Develop Day 1 readiness, 100-day and working capital plans in addition to assisting with other operational and organizational needs.

Value creation advisory – Growth strategy includes customer segmentation, geographic expansion, and product line and M&A strategy. We also help with marketing and sales force effectiveness, pricing optimization and post-merger integration, as well as initiatives to improve margin and capital efficiency

Exit strategy Decide among exit alternatives, assess exit and IPO readiness and create a value story for targeted buyers

Fund level

Fund operations Improve firm and fund performance and efficiencies, including assessing competitive positioning, governance structure, operations functions and costs, compliance, cybersecurity and enterprise risk management
Finance and reporting Navigate a drastically changing financial and reporting environment with broadening regulatory requirements and stakeholder demands
Tax Understand changes in the global tax landscape, seizing the opportunity in Global Compliance and Reporting, building tax-effective supply chains and manage a mobile workforce risk