At Connect Options, we understand that only but few companies have a strong strategic planning process that is well-supported across the organization. Some executives may have a different conception of what a good strategy looks like, but most have simply lowered their expectations. They either believe their strategic planning process is as good as it’s ever going to get, or they feel that fixing it would mean devoting even more time and effort to a difficult and tedious process—the last thing they want to do.

Organizations that produce great strategy take a different approach. They treat strategic planning as a critical capability that can and should be world class. It is as much a reason for their success as continuous improvement is for a low-cost manufacturer or service excellence is for a high-end retailer. These companies have invested in the people, processes and tools that allow them to identify the most important strategic priorities and adjust as needed to remain sharp and relevant as conditions change. The process creates time for focused strategic debates, dials up the cadence of decision making, and engages the organization at all levels to both think strategically and translate strategy into action.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. But we find that world-class strategic planning incorporates some key principles.

Our Strategy team advise private and corporate clients on how to solve their most vital and challenging business issues. Our team is recognised for deep industry knowledge, functional expertise and global reach. We can advise you on how to accelerate profitable growth, how to invest capital to maximise return and how to position to maximise future potential. Is your strategic planning process a competitive weapon or a waste of time? The best companies treat strategic planning as a critical capability and are able to turn it into a competitive advantage.

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