Are you looking to develop your knowledge and skills of Leadership and Management? Give your career a boost with the well-recognised Leadership and Management Essential Training Course. Connect Options, as a leading professional course provider in the UK, this training course trains you on how to develop your Leadership and Management skills and implement those to your workplace.

Certificate in Leadership and Management Training

This Leadership and Management Essential training course is designed to provide both employers and employees with the inspirational information they need in order to understand the attributes, behaviours and practices of a great leader.

The Leadership and Management Essential training course is suitable for all learners, of all academic backgrounds. However, the course is perfect for people who are looking to be a manager/leader or entrepreneurs, first time managers, team leaders, supervisors and executives. The course is designed by highly knowledgeable professionals with years of industry experience. We equip you with the skills and knowledge to enhance your performance and your career.

Our online programme is also well designed that make you feel same as you are in the classroom. Training course includes well designed Video tutorials, mentor support service, reading and study materials, online study platform, and forum. These facilities build your confidence to study well and guide you to develop your skills and knowledge of leadership and management and it leads you to implement at your workplace.

Human Resource Management Training

Human resource management (HRM) is the management of an organization’s workforce, or human resources. It is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and employee rewards. They also oversee organizational leadership, culture, and ensure compliance with labour laws.

Marketing Management Training

Marketing management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm’s marketing resources and activities. Globalization has led firms to market beyond the borders of their home countries, making international marketing highly significant and an integral part of a firm’s marketing strategy.

Sales Management Training

Sales management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm’s sales operations. It is an important business function as net sales through the sale of products and services and resulting profit drive most commercial business. These are also typically the goals and performance indicators of sales management.

Brand Management Training

Creating and managing brands is one of the biggest and most important challenges of our time. Brands can be a huge asset for large as well as start-up companies. Brand managers in today’s turbulent economic times often lead several parallel and brand campaigns for various brands. Such knowledge is definitely career advancement.

Social Media Management Training

Today, the rapid, timely and quality social media communication is essential for all the opportunities that small or large businesses have to increase their own visibility online. Social media networks are the best channels for brand’s voice and content. This all is important because it simultaneously makes all businesses be more accessible for new customers, and Social Media Management knowledge is often a key role for success in one’s business carrier.

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